Top 5 Men’s Street Wear Accessories in 2020

In 2020 the most important thing in anybody’s wardrobe is aesthetic. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Hype Beast, Trend setter or just developing your style. If you don’t have a personal unique aesthetic your style will be over-looked. There is no better way to express your styles identity then with a subtle yet fashionable accessory. With Brands like Nike, Gucci, Supreme, Bape, and even Louis Vuitton making efforts to add more accessories to their newer releases now is the best time to start accessorizing and adding to your collection. 

In this article we will be going over the Top 5 most popular Street Wear accessories for men in 2020, so let’s get started!


5. Gloves

So far in 2020 we are seeing signs of a major Men’s Glove come back, more and more companies are realizing how inconvenient gloves had truly become when it comes to their compatibility with our devices and are implementing touch tech into their gloves, this allows you to use your touch screen without having the hassle of taking your gloves off to use your phone. With this new technology gloves are becoming more and more popular again and we have seen collaborations with iconic Streetwear brands such as Neighborhood and UGG. 

3. Safari Hats

Not to be confused with the Bucket Hat , The Safari Hat AKA Boonie Hats are undeniably cool and provide an effortless aesthetic to your look. Wether your relaxing outside or trying to stay dry during harsh weather the Safari Hat is a perfect addition to your look and collection. When shopping for a Safari or Boonie Hat you may want to check out The North Face Japan Collection featured below but that’s not your only option, there’s also many other choices from popular Streetwear brands such as Stone Island , Supreme and Nike .

2. Home Decor

With big names in the Streetwear community making their mark on the Home Decor scene we are being overwhelmed with bank account draining option. For example Virgil Abloh most commonly known for his work with the popular Italian based street wear brand, Off White has recently done a collaboration with Furniture retail giant, IKEA. This release had major hype and was one of the most talked about drops of 2019. 

1. AirPods Covers

Im sure by now you’ve heard about the extremely easy to loose Apple AirPods. With the exploding popularity of these small yet amazingly convenient & efficient wireless headphones came the need to protect and carry them safely. Streetwear brands such as Palm Angels have released Shock resistant Apple AirPods cases that protect your Apple AirPods while also giving you an extremely cool yet subtle accessory.  



Author: Daniel DeMelis