2020's Top 5 New Streetwear brands

Top 5 New Streetwear Brands to Look Into in 2020


Half way through 2020 and its already been a wild ride, between the pandemic and the recent riots it has had quite an impact on the streetwear community. We've seen iconic stores like Louis Vuitton in Portland, Oregon get gutted in what seemed like a matter of seconds. Online sales are at an all time high and regardless of the unemployment spike the demand for exclusive streetwear hasn't seemed to diminished.

In this article Im going to be putting you on to the top 5 streetwear brands that have been gathering hype regardless of what has been going in the world. 



Online Ceramics

Online Ceramics is a Los Angeles based t-shirt brand made up of two artists by the names of Elijah Funk and Alix Ross. They have been making head way this year and are definitely on the come up in the streetwear community. Their vintage / Dead head aesthetic gives some relief to the demand for vintage t-shirts, Without the infamous moth-bally thrift store smell.

ONLINE CERAMICS (With images) | Long sleeve tshirt men, Tree tee shirt



Arc'tyrex is a Canadian based Outdoors wear brand recently sported by the likes of Drake and Virgil. Their weather proof shell jackets and Techy sweat suits have made them extremely popular in the streetwear community this year. 

HAVEN Arc'Teryx Veilance FW19 Editorial | HYPEBEAST


And Wander

Another outdoors brand garnering mad hype in the streetwear scene this year is Japanese based brand And Wander founded by Keita Ikeuchi and Mihoko Mori, their tech wear style jackets and vintage Patagonia style fleeces makes them a must have for any tech wear head. 

and wander | Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO



 BrainDead is one of the fastest growing Streetwear brands out right now, their style reminds me of a 2020 take on Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters. WeAreBrainDead is a collective of artists from all over the globe, they have already done collaborations with iconic brands such as The North Face. Needless to say, The future for BrainDead is looking promising.

Brain Dead



Coming in #1 spot on our list is a brand every streetwear head should have heard of by now. A.P.C. is Known for their clean, minimalistic aesthetic, high quality, and decades of fashion industry experience, they have worked their way to becoming a staple in the streetwear industry making their garments an essential for every 20 something year old "in-the-know" and taking J Crew out of the game in the process. A.P.C. is a French owned brand founded in 1987 in Paris by Jean Touitou.A.P.C. - History, Philosophy, and Products